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NOPAs international projects allow songwriters and composers to gain experience in working abroad. NOPA are continuously looking for Norwegian based «cultural experts» such as composers/songwriters/lyricists/artists to participate in international projects.

NOPAs ongoing projects are funded by the EEA-grants and are meant to bring European countries closer together both in an economic and cultural sense. In addition to these projects NOPA in involved in other singular events (for instance concerts) with funding from the EEA-grants.

Read more about the EEA-grants on this page.

For the period of 2021 – 2024 NOPA is partner in projects in Slovakia, Romania, Portugal, Lithuania and Czech Republic. NOPA has a close involvement in the projects and a NOPA representative has participated in match making events in some of the countries.

If you are interested in travelling abroad to participate in any of the projects, you will find updated information on this page.

NOPAs engagements in these projects are partly funded by Viken County.

Ongoing projects


    Foto: Deensel

    Title of project: Music Art Tabor

    NOPA-members and affiliates who are interested in collaboration and fusion of Roma folklore with contemporary trends in music

    One of the specific goals of the current project is to promote cultural diversity of Roma minorities and improve their access to culture through the work of professional composers/musicians from Norway and local amateurs and producing music with jazz and ethno elements over the specific Balkan rhythm.

    Within the series of touring events and festivals, together with NOPA, we will experiment with new spaces to open the creative boundaries between professional artists and amateurs through the synthesis of arts and interpretations of traditional themes related to Roma culture.

    Music Art Tabor aims to organize a variety of artistic and creative events, performances, exhibitions and initiatives that will revive the peripheral areas (the outermost Sofia districts with a concentration of Roma population and breathe new life into smaller towns and villages in Northern Bulgaria, where it will attract new audiences.

    Norwegian participants

    Ingrid Kindem
    John-Kåre Hansen
    Håvard Nordberg Funderud
    Einar Stray
    Bjørn-Petter Tøsse
    Stian Carstensen
    Arne Hiorth
    In addition Åsmund Prytz participated in the opening press conference in Sofia
    Chair of NOPA, Ole Henrik Antonsen also visited the project in June 2023.

    Read more about the project here. 

  • Broumov monastery – Foto Kateřina Ostradecká

    Title of project: Hortus Musicalis Broumov

    NOPA is partner in a project with the Educational and Cultural Centre Broumov in the Czech Republic. The location is an old monastery. Learn more about the historical location here.

    Norwegian and Czech composers, writers and artists will be invited to live at the monastery for a month while working on musical projects. In addition to working on ones own music the participant will contribute to the local music scene.

    The project will last till April 2023. NOPA participants will be involved during the following periods; October 2021, March and October 2022 and April 2023. Applications for the following term in 2022 is now available throught the link below.

    The project has ended but you can read more about it here.

    Norwegian participants:

    Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser (November 2021) Read Tuvas reflections here.
    Therese Aune (March 2022)
    Ann-Mari Pettersen Magga (October 2022)
    Pats Nichols (March 2023)

    Participants from Czech republic visited the by:Larm festival in Oslo in 2022.




  • Antaliepte, Litauen.

    Title of project: Lihuanian artists accelerator

    NOPA is partner in a project with the organization VIEŠOJI ĮSTAIGA «INOVATORIŲ SLĖNIS». The location is in Antaliepte in Zarasai, a region in the northeast of Lithuania. In 2022 participants will hold seminars and do online mentoring.

    In 2022 NOPA will send three “cultural experts” who are to host three seminars under the tag: Lihuanian artists accelerator. The seminars will be held through the course of two days. You will be able to choose between the following subjects:

    • “Art Low” (intellectual property rights / patenting of developed products and services)
    • “Marketing” (specifics of marketing in art/culture)
    • “Communication and publicity” (specifics of communication in art/culture)
    • “Target segments” (analysis, strategy, identification)
    • “Internet platforms for creators” (how / where / why / when creator can realize products)
    • “Value proposition” (sales and etc.)
    • “Management” (specifics of management in art / culture)
    • “Entrepreneurship” (business in art/culture)
    • “Culture / Art segments” (about situation in culture/art)

    In addition to this the participant will be hosting an “artist talk”. A kind of on-stage interview about ones craft as a songwriter / composer.

    Before and after the stay in Lithuania one will be required to offer online counselling for the Lithuanian participants. The amount of hours one is required to council is approximately 60 hours.

    A participant should be comfortable with communicating to an audience. One should also feel competent in speaking on some of the above mentioned subjects.

    Norwegian participants:
    Hilde Wahl
    Guttorm Andreassen
    Christine Hals
    Han Gaiden (band)
    Part Memory (band)
    Torbjørn H. Arnesen

    Participants from Lithuania visited Folkelarm in 2022.

    Read more here.


    Title of project: Music Gallery

    NOPA is partner in the project Mind Moving,

    The project, initiated by Indie Box, will have its peak point by the end of 2023, with a performative exhibition presented both in Romania and Norway. Mind Moving was born out of the desire to reduce disparities between the general audience and people with psychiatric diagnoses, through contemporary music and dance. The project concentrates the teams’ experience from previous projects carried through the last 3 years by Indie Box and its Romanian partners (Entuziart Association and Paolo Profeti).

    The main objectives of the project are:

    • to promote expressive arts as method to improve mental health
    • to create bridges of communication based on empathy between different groups of people 
    • to aggregate consistent resources in the area of Romanian artistic research and choreographic production, in order for the working product to become more grounded in the social reality

    Norwegian participants:
    Stina Moltu


  • Foto: QQ7

    NOPA will choose six composers / songwriters for participation in a project in Želiezovce, Slovakia. Three Norwegian participants took part in the opening conference in 2021.

    Participants will present their own music at the folk music festival in Želiezovce in 2023. The project also includes renovating a historical house in Želiezovce.

    Read more about the project here. 

    Norwegian participants at the digital opening conference in September 2021:
    Solveig Sørbø
    Per Olav Hoff Mydske
    Erlend Mokkelbost

    Participants from Slovakia visited Folkemusikkveka at Ål in 2023.

    Norwegian participants in folk music festival in Želiezovce, Slovakia, August 2023.
    Solveig Sørbø with band
    Per Olav Hoff Mydske with band
    Erlend Mokkelbost


Past projects

  • “Azores sit in the center of the Atlantic Ocean, behind Sete Cidades legends and discoveries amidst mists and adverse waters.”

    Title of project: Terra Incógnita (2020-2023)

    NOPA was partner in the project «Terra Incógnita». Participiants in this project worked and resided in The Azores, a group of Islands located west of Lisbon, Portugal.

    The participants collaborated with Portuguese musicians and composers. The collaborations consisted of making «the soundtrack for a trail in the nature of the Azores landscape». The music had several intended uses after its creation including sound installations, performances and the creation of a mobile app.

    The project had close ties to the music festival Tremor.

    Norwegian participants:
    Paal Nilssen-Love (November 2021) – NOPA residence
    Hanne Hukkelberg (April 2022) – Musician/composer invited by Terra Incógnita
    Carmen Villain (April 2022) – Musician/composer invited by Terra Incógnita
    Sheila Simmenes (April 2022) – NOPA resicence
    Bendik Baksaas (September 2022) – Musician/composer invited by Terra Incógnita
    Eskild Sveås Okkenhaug (September 2022) – NOPA residence
    Kjetil André Mulelid (September 2022) – NOPA residence
    Mira Tirucelvam (March 2023) – Musician/composer invited by Terra Incógnita
    Inger Hannisdal (March/april 2023) – NOPA residence
    In addition Ole Henrik Antonsen and Torgny Amdam from the NOPA board visited the project in 2023.



    Participants from Portugal visited Oslo World festival in 2022.

  • Title of project: Music Gallery (2020-2023)

    NOPA was partner in the project Music Gallery in Romania. The project invited bands/artists to play a concert in Romania.

    The participants were also invited to host a masterclass.

    Music Gallery is a new way to present and talk about music. MG had two main components: a lesson about Jazz’s history and origins and a lesson about HOW to listen, perform and enjoy music, in terms of instruments, equipment and other specifics.

    The norwegian participants in 2023 concisted of two bands who travelled and performed in Lași, between the 10th of May and 10th of June 2023.

    Norwegian Participants

    Natalie Sandtorv (with band)
    Jan Gunnar Hoff
    Siril Malmedal Hauge (with band)
    Liv Andrea Hauge (with band)
    In addition Haley Shea and Tine Tangestuen visited the Jazz in the park-competition.


    Victory art (2021-2022)

    NOPA was partner in an internet-based EEA-project together with the Slovak organisation Victory Art. The mission was to help artists navigate the art industry and spread knowledge about how to make a brand for oneself.

    Read more about the project here.

    Norwegian participants:
    Tom Hugo Hermansen
    Julie Enger Børresen
    Alexander Platou

    Sisa Feher and Katarina Màlikovà.

    Nu Sound of Visegrad (2022)

    NOPA was partner in the international project NU SOUND OF VISEGRAD.

    The project resulted in a concert with a norwegian/slovakian repertoire. The slokavian composers/artist are Sisa Feher og Katarina Màlikovà.

    The electronica-group Nikki Oniyome was chosen as the norwegian contribution to the concert. The concert is in Gamlebyen Kulturhus, Fredrikstad, on saturday june. 18th.