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International project in Slovakia

NOPA has a project in Slovakia with Mesto Zeliezovce.
Foto: QQ7
Foto: QQ7

Three «cultural experts» in the form of composers/songwriters/lyricists/artists, will participate in an EEA-grants funded project which will take place in the town of Zeliezovce in Slovakia.

The project begins with an opening online conference autumn 2021. Each participant will have to deliver a prerecorded video that presents their music. The video has to be maximum 5 minutes long. Each participant will receive 2000 Euros for this work.

More about the project in Slovakia

  • The project will last through 2023.
  • An old manor house will be restored as a part of the project
  • NOPA members, and other Norwegian composers/artists will be invited to present their music by participating in a folk music festival in Zeliezovse in 2023.
  • There will be in total six Norwegian participants in the project
  • Furthermore open calls will be announced

Get in touch with NOPA-advisor Åsmund Prytz by telephone +47 97184013 or by e-mail He can provide further information.