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Såkornmidler fra NOPA

NOPAs medlemmer kan søke om arbeids- og reisetilskudd. Disse midlene skal bidra til at det blir lagd mer musikk og tekst av foreningens medlemmer, og at det nye norske repertoaret blir bevart for ettertiden.
  • Onsdag 15. mars 2023
  • Søndag 15. oktober 2023

What do we subsidize?

  • Work grants are mainly given to members’ authoring activities such as composing, arranging/editing and writing text as well as to the preparation of notes and text for publication. This also includes composing in the studio and preparation before recording.
  • Travel allowance in connection with copyright activities and, exceptionally, for the performance of one’s own works. No support is given for tour activities.
  • Criteria :
    • Audio files and/or lyrics are mandatory attachments to the application
    • It is not possible to receive seed funds more than once each calendar year
    • Only one application per member can be submitted in each application round
    • The composer or lyricist must be the applicant themselves
    • You must send us a report from previously received support before a new application can be considered:
    • An award will be seen in the light of the applicant’s grants in recent years. The upper limit for single allocation is NOK. NOK 40,000 and it is not possible to receive more than NOK. NOK 60,000 over a three-year period.

What must be included in the application?

Since the competition is great, it is important for the committee to easily understand what you want to work on in the future or what you are applying for funds to be able to implement. Såkornmidler is reserved for copyright activities, so describe which musical projects you will be working on in the future. A concrete description of what you are going to create, timing of when the composition work/text work starts and ends, planned date for publication/performance, attached song material started or a concrete progress plan, are elements that will be able to strengthen your application.

NOPA has made a guidance video for writing applications where you can get a number of tips on how to improve the application. You can see it here.