NOPA-akademiet: fremtidens notasjonsprogram?

Mandag 12. februar presenterer vi notasjonsprogrammet Dorico.

John Barron, produktspesialist i Dorico, kommer til Oslo for å fortelle om det nye notasjonsprogrammet og mulighetene for deg som komponist. Dorico ble lansert i 2016 og er utviklet av Sibelius-teamet.


Tid: 17.30–20.00

Sted: Westerdals Oslo ACT, Christians Krohgs gate 32, Oslo

Dette sier John om opplegget:

«The session will be an introduction to Dorico, suitable for those who are new to Steinberg’s notation program, but will also include the latest features and time-saving options for all composers & lyricists.

Created by the world’s foremost scoring experts, Dorico is the first music notation software that you can compose directly into while also matching the beauty and technical expertise of the finest human engravers.

The evening will include a walk-through features such as lyrics, engraving tools, orchestral cues, drum & percussion notation and product specialist, John Barron will answer any questions you have about Dorico.

Find out how you can save time in your next project, have your questions answered, and see why Dorico is the future of scoring.»

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