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    The membership fee is currently NOK 1,800 and is deducted annually from the TONO remuneration distributed to each individual member.
  • Dette feltet er for valideringsformål og skal stå uendret.

§ 2 Admission of Members

  1. Professionally active composers, including arrangers and lyricists, may be admitted as members. The terms for membership are that the applicant:
    1. has submitted a written application with the information necessary to process the application
    2. has a rights management contract with TONO, the Norwegian collection society and performing rights organisation
    3. has received remuneration or corresponding income in the past three years at a total of NOK 79.800 for composers and NOK 39.900 for lyricists. Corresponding income may, for example, be income from: grand rights, publishing houses, adaptation of free works, arrangements, imminent/future income and commissioned work.

In special cases, the Board may admit as members creators of musical works who can contribute to promoting NOPA’s activities even though the terms in Paragraphs 1 to 3 have not been met.

  1. The application will be decided by the Board, following a recommendation from the management or the Expert Committee.
  2. If the application is rejected, the applicant may file a complaint about the rejection. The complaint will be considered in the same way as applications, but the Board will be extended with two alternates during the hearing of the complaint.
  3. An applicant who does not meet the criteria in letter a. may be granted status as a NOPA affiliate. As a NOPA affiliate, the creator of musical works receives NOPA’s annual report and other information about the Society’s activities. The applicant concurrently grants NOPA a power of attorney for annual access to information about the applicant’s received remuneration distributed by TONO to determine whether the terms for membership stipulated in letter a. have been met.